Cool Drone Technologies Offered By Indian Companies

BANGALORE: Startups have always looked at things in a unique way. Some companies have forged ahead in the vertical giving rise to ‘Drone technology’. Around half a dozen Indian companies are into drone technology and has managed to catch the attention of global giants for aerial photography. The drones do a lot more than just photography; they do package delivery, surveillance for sand and mining mafia, garbage collection and lot more. The drones are also called as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. So let’s find out about the startup offering this technology as compiled by Economic Times.

#1.Airpix: Airpix is a professional photography and video production company which offers specialized aerial services. Started by three 22 year old engineers, the company uses remote controlled helicopters for videos and photos offering services to real estate firms, film and media companies and many more. The company charges their clients on day count or on the number of photos taken. The company’s clients include K.Raheja, APM terminals and Reliance Energy.

#2.Edall Systems: Edall systems is a Bangalore based startup which supplies parts, provides assistance to engineering companies in manufacturing of UAV. The company also offers training to students in UAV and builds parts for National labs and defense research.