Five cool Indian startups offering drone technology

18 Apr 2014, 12:40 PM IST


Drone technology startups

In the past year, at least half a dozen startups that offer drone technology have been set up. These ventures are building consumer-friendly applications.  These have caught the attention of corporations like Reliance Industries and Raheja Corp that have used drones for aerial photography. And Indian startups make both kinds! We take a look at some cool Indian start-ups in the genre:



Does not sell drones, but does aerial photography. Gives 'recommendations’ to industries and businesses by carrying out data analytics on aerial data collected by the drones for its customers including Kalpataru, APM Terminals, K Raheja Corp, Reliance Energy.


Garuda Robotics

Singapore-based Garuda Robotics, set up by 20-year-old Indian Pulkit Jaiswal sells software and services for the UAV industry.Although Garuda can manufacture UAVs, it wants to focus on selling its software licences to customers. It already has two customers.


Edall Systems

Startups such as Bangalore-based Edall Systems are struggling to find the right investors to back them. To overcome the fund crunch, the company has been making do with conducting training classes for UAVs for interested students, building parts for National Aerospace Labs and the Defence Research & Development Organisation. "In India there are no private players such as Honeywell, Northrop Grumman willing to partner with us to fund our research," said chief executive and cofounder Pritam Sahu, 28, a graduate of Anna University, who built his first UAV, Nayan, as a final year project with NAL.



Has developed Netra UAV in collaboration with DRDO. Police forces of atleast three states along with Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force are its customers.


Aurora Integrated Systems

One of the early entrants in the field, the Bangalore-based company counts DRDO and the Indian Army as its clients.



Package delivery, surveillance to track sand and mining mafia, garbage collection, air and water pollution monitoring, wildlife protection, 3D mapping, for movie shooting, sports, meteorology, traffic management.Image: ideaForge Technology


Types of UAV

MICRO UAVS - Weighs up to 1 kg, and can fly for up to 60 minutes.SMALL UAVS - Weighs up to to 15 kg and can fly for more than 2 hours.MEDIUM UAVS- They fly up to 4,000 ft for upto 5-10 hours with payload of 5-100 kg.LARGE UAVS- General Atomics’ MQ-1 Predator can fly up to 50,000 ft, for up to 14 hours with 1,080 kg of weapons.Image: ideaForge Technology