Portable, Light Weight, Professional Fixed Wing

Edall Systems - NAKSHYA VTOL Flying Wing drone is portable with a small size, removable wings and easy to carry. The Systems is designed and developed mainly for aerial survey application.

Stable Performance and Powerful

The intelligent multiple frequency redundant IMU developed by its own gives a great improvement on the stability of the whole system. High-efficient brushless motors with carbon fiber propellers and high-voltage batteries together enlarge drone’s flight time up to 90 minutes.


All-in-One controller

The all-in-one GCS software along with a joystick gives you full control over the system, allowing you to easily program autonomous flight and capture stunning photos and videos. The large 10 inches integrated screen displays real-time footage of your flight, eliminating the need for an external device.

For Single-Person Operations

The detachable design enables the backpack easy to carry, which is extremely suitable for the single person operation in any terrain.


Fixed, Down Looking, Day-Night Camera

Nakshya Fixed Wing is equipped with ADTi (20/24 MP) fixed downward facing camera which captures HD still images. This has a range of 90 degree in pitch axis. The camera features 90 degree field of view with no distortion lens.



Basic Specifications

Aircraft Type Fixed Wing
Span 1600 mm
Weight < 3.5 kg


Wind Resistance 10 m/s
Working Temperature 0-50° C
Storage Temperature 10-30° C

Camera Specification

Sony sensor 20/24 MP


Max. Take-off Weight < 3.5 kg
Max. Payload Weight 300 gm
Battery Li-Ion
Max. Flight Time 90 min
Cruise Speed 18 m/s
Landing & Recovery VTOL
Max. Opt. Altitude AGL 300 m
Service Ceiling 3500 m
Range 5 km
Positioning System GPS
Deployment Time 5 min


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