Development Of Drones For Carriage Of Stores In High Altitude Areas DRDO

Project Description

Development of Drones for carriage of stores in High Altitude Areas will enable consistent and continuous logistic supply leading to operational efficiency and enhance the morale of the troops operating at high altitude area and difficult to reach locations. Due to VTOL capability of the proposed drone, the ground infrastructure requirements will be minimal. Hence, these systems would be operated in all terrains at high altitudes.

Project Awarded To


Raphe mPhibr Private Limited

Company Profile :
Raphe mPhibr is India’s only defence aerospace research, development & manufacturing start up with extensive mechanical, electronics and software production capabilities. We have developed state of the art Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) with varying payload capacity, dual vision, stealth and endurance capabilities. Our forte is in-house manufacturing of carbon fibre composites using advanced materials such as Kevlar, Ceramics, Honeycomb Metal Structures and 3D printed components. With 50 scientists and engineers from prestigious schools at our disposal, Raphe mPhibr specializes in providing end-to-end customized solutions to the Indian Defence and Aerospace Industry/Organisations. Moving ahead, the company aims to invest in R&D to develop new platforms and to scale production to meet the requirements of Indian defence forces for indigenous Developed Unmanned Aircraft Systems.


Company Profile :
Electronic and Mechnical Systems - Design, Development, Manufacturing and Integration


Company Profile :
Edall Systems was founded in 2012 and currently based out near HAL Airport in Bangalore. It is a team of dynamic engineers with a vision to provide critical solutions using innovative technologies and tools. We are creating a business environment which is best suited for our client expectation. Our main focus is on developing Indigenous products and provide world class Engineering Services. We understand the customer requirements keenly which enables us to suggest cost effective solutions to the customer. This enables us to deliver greater innovation to compete in the global marketplace. Our team, comprised of technically advanced engineers which helps us achieve superior quality results on time and on budget. We also train Aerospace/Mechanical engineering students on design, analysis and equip them with the right skillset for the industry.